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Ritmo Junction: ritmojunctionRitmo Junction's debut CD, ritmojunction, was recorded over the course of four years at Pyramid Digital Productions. Engineered by founding member Stuart Ridgway and produced by Rob Teegarden, Chris Webster,and Stuart, the project was truly a labor of love.

Throughout the project there are different rhythmic foundations - cha cha cha, son montuno, bolero, songo, guaguanco, mambo, swing, shuffle, rock- but all come together under one roof with the band's philosophy of combining the traditional with the popular.

The liner notes for Ritmo Gumbo describe this idea:

"A tongue in cheek reference to its New Orleans feel, Ritmo Gumbo captures the band's melting pot philosophy. Take the traditional Cuban rhythms, a blues melody by Marshall Keys, Stuart's B3 organ, the swingin' Habañero Horns and wrap it up in a second-line New Orleans groove."

Ritmo Junction enjoyed the collaboration with a number of superb artists on this project. Grammy award winner and Tropijazz recording artist, Dave Valentin, is featured on El Mambo Filo. The end of 18th Street Cha Cha sings with the soprano work of Sony artist, David Sanchez. Sharp Nine Records trumpeter, Brian Lynch (who also records with) plays one of the best solos on the CD on La Taberna.

Ritmo Junction: ritmojunctionA number of superb Washington DC artists who have worked with Ritmo Junction over the years also contributed to the CD. Bassist Scott Ambush (currently with Spyro Gyra) laid down the foundation with his exceptional sound and feel. Long time band collaborator, Frankie Addison, added his excellent soprano touch to You'd Think. Trumpeter Tom Williams captured the traditional feel with his solo on The Pledge of The Son. A trio of outstanding saxophonists, Tim Eyermann, Marshall Keys, and Larry Seals rounded out the soloist roster on Bolero Under the Rain, Tres Gatos, Ritmo Gumbo, Tumbao Tumble, and Estacia.

The Habañero Horns backed up almost every tune on the CD with their huge presence. And the entire recording would not have been possible without the rhythmic foundation provided by percussionists, Steve Bloom, Gali Sanchez, and Rudy Morales.

All the original compositions (there is only one cover) were the collective responsibility of Rob, Chris and Stuart. The final cut, Pocket Change, which is a reference to a former incarnation of the band, features just the three of them.

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