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suburban descarga

Ritmo Junction: Suburban DescargaThe sophomore release, Suburban Descarga, catches Ritmo Junction at their best.  Recorded almost entirely in the course of one week, the CD highlights the interactive quality between the musicians that fans have come to know in concert  for years.  Founding members Stuart Ridgway, Chris Webster and Rob Teegarden set out to capture the band's unique and powerful live sound.

The personnel on the recording were central to this mission.  Long time collaborator, Peter Fraize, has developed his own voice on the tenor and soprano saxophones to much critical acclaim.   Cuts like Suburban Decay demonstrate his prowess, while cuts like Ritmo Cha Cha - a long time fan favorite - display his gift for melodic enchantment.

The adept and skillful handling of a number of rhythmic foundations is a testament to the solid contributions of Ritmo percussionist extraordinaire, Steve Bloom.  From combining 6/8 Bembe with a straight Texas shuffle, to adding just the right touch with the "a Caballo" groove on Emanuel, Steve Bloom walked quite a tightrope - and did so without falling.

Ritmo Junction: Suburban DescargaThe solid rhythmic foundation also demonstrates the depth and breadth of bassists Steve Sachse and Aaron Clay.   Both these musicians also walked a tightrope between Latin tumbao and whatever else was thrown their way.  They have made up the core of Ritmo Junction live for years now, but this last year, in particular, saw many performances with these musicians.

Paul Paleologos and Scott Bradley sit in as the HabaƱero Horns, adding just the right touch to complete the ritmo sound. 

The musicians on this recording share a truly unique sound, building on each other's talents to create a spirit of collaboration and interaction that has inspired Ritmo Junction's performances for years and has now been captured on recording.

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