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Contemporary Latin Jazz


Here's the latest review of The Coho Grill show:

Saturday, February 15
The Coho Grill
11130 Willow Bottom Road
Columbia, Maryland
(410) 740-2096

      It was a cozy winter night when Ritmo hit the stage in Columbia. It was almost as if you'd spent the day skiing and the band was there to wrap up another perfect day. The club was packed with a very attentive crowd that did not leave until the show was over. The food was good, but they were definitely there for the band.

      Ritmo hit the stage at 8 o'clock and did not stop until they played the DC tributes G'town Groove and 18th Street Cha Cha. The crowd was hooked. They bought every CD the band had brought with them!

      They started the next set with their classic salsa Tres Gatos. On this one the boys march through the crowd with their percussion giving the impression of a rhumba jam. Once they picked up their instruments it was non-stop once again.

      By the end of the night, the audience in Columbia had a new favorite band. The night was uplifting and fun. Some lucky fans even walked away with a free T-shirt. Don't miss their next show!

           Dan Williams - Middletown Music